Sound barriers and nail down flooring

Q: I am a floor sander/installer in SC. I have a client that wants a nail down floor (5 inch cherry), but also wants a sound barrier. From reading through your site, most of the suggestions involve floating or glue down floors.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions in regards to nail down floors?

A few other sites leave me thinking that cork might be a possibility, however I thought I would inquire as to your opinion.

A: Fortunately, I haven’t had to be involved in jobs requiring a great deal of technical know how regarding sound proofing. All condominium buildings have some requirement for a noise dampening layer, generally cork.

From what I have read, if you puncture such a sound membrane, regardless of what product it is, with a nail for example, you will lose some of the products ability to muffle sound. The noise will travel along the steel nail shaft. There is more info about this at accutech. I think that is what the product is called. Do you ever get the NWFA Hardwood Flooring Magazine? It doesn’t cost anything. You only need ask for it, and you get a free subscription. It does contain good articles. But I really like all the advertisements. It helps me know what products are out the

P.S. Another sound insulating layer I see in the latest NWFA magazine. Dodge-Regupol Inc., has rolls made from recycled rubber. Regupol QT it is called. Hope that helps. Now I have to look it up.