Mop residue on wood floors

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Q: I have been using “X” wet mop for about two bottles of cleaner’s worth. This came recommended to me. There is now a streaky residue on my floors that I would like to remove. The residue is also causing other aesthetic problems. What is the best way to remove the residue? Rest assured the wet mop has swiftly left the area. I would not recommend this product to anyone, even though it seemed great for the first several applications.

A: It’s quite annoying, isn’t it? Several years ago, after reading the MSDS sheet for their wet product, I felt it was safe to suggest to my customers. Within a couple of weeks I knew that was a mistake. They claim it does not leave a residue, but obviously it does.

Here is what you do: Buy a concentrate gallon of Bona Kemi Pacific Floor Cleaner. Most hardwood retail outlets will sell this product. I would suggest the undiluted concentrate which you can then mix with water in a spray bottle at a ratio or 5:1 or 7:1 as per label instructions. This is an excellent product and will remove any contamination left by this other “cleaner”.

Webmaster’s note: It appears to me that just about every new “doesn’t leave a residue” claim turns out to be unreliable. It is better to go with a well tested cleaner from a well known wood flooring producer, like Bona Kemi. They are more interested in making their products look good, than a big clean-all sales company would be– know what I mean?

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