What is the very best finish for hardwood floors?

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Q: What is the very best finish for hardwood floors that you can get? One that resists traffic flow wear, scratches, pet markings, etc.?

A: There are a lot of excellent finishes on the market. I was recently sent 4 gallons of one product to sample recently and was so impressed with it, I had 120 gallons shipped from Arkansas! The company is Poloplaz. The product is Primero. It is oil modified. High solids. Very tough when cured. Excellent drying, even under poor conditions. Applies like velvet. Absolutely the best finish in every way that I have ever worked with. And I have been applying coatings for more than 34 years.

Related Q: What is the best finish to use on hardwood (no stain) floors? Oil based polyurethane or shellac?

A: Oil or solvent based polyurethane is better. Much more durable and safer to apply. Shellac has a low flash point which presents a significant explosion risk when using over a large area.

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