Poloplaz floor finish

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From Craig’s About Us page, for his business site at FaceLiftFloors.com:

I am excited to let past and prospective customers know that I have made what I consider a major floor finish upgrade. Poloplaz, a U.S. based company that specializes in manufacturing floor finishes, was kind enough to send me samples of their product to test. I tested their Primero oil borne polyurethane. In 34 years, I have never applied such a wonderful product, nor seen a nicer finish when it dried.

Poloplaz floor finish has higher solids than I usually use, which means a thicker finish film. It dries better and faster (even under poor conditions) and cures harder than any other oil based finish, including 2 part water borne urethane finishes. Poloplaz boasts tremendous durability for this product. I will now be following, for the most part, a finish system that sees one coat of Poloplaz fast dry sanding sealer (2-3 hours dry time), and a coat of Primero gloss polyurethane applied generally in one day, followed by a coat with the sheen of your choice. I have not used separate sealers in the past, because of the particular type that has been used in the Toronto area, which I highly dislike. (See my comments far above.)

Poloplaz sealer is different. It is a polyurethane based sealer with near the same solid content as my current floor finish, except it penetrates the wood well to protect it in case the finish itself became damaged. It dries incredibly fast, allowing 2 coats in one day. This will be good for me and good for my customers, as it will cut a day off the finishing of the floors.

Poloplaz has a complete line-up of finishes to meet any need, including a huge urethane/stain colour line which also dries fast and seals the floor in one application. They cover all the Dura Seal/Minwax colours. All their finishes are lower VOC and compliant to regulations in the U.S. All products have a high flash point, above 100 F. I consider this product an important upgrade which I am happy to now be able to offer all my clients.

I will, of course, continue to watch for the latest and greatest products.

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