Severe old termite damage

Q: After removing carpet on a 60 year old floor in an 11×17 room, about 15 slats show slight to severe old termite damage. I have had to call the exterminator in the past, but not for a couple of years. I plan on carpeting again, my question is – must the whole floor be ripped up, or can just the 15-20 slats be replaced?

A: You can change only the pieces involved. You might find more damage revealed once you start looking closer. Hopefully not, but termites tend to eat from the inside and leave a skin on the surface.

Related Q: Is there a liquid product that I can “inject” into holes drilled into floor boards that are a little spongy from some termite damage, that will harden them? Thanks.

A: There are injectable adhesives such as one from, I believe Bostik. If the damage is that bad, perhaps it is better to replace the spongy area with new wood.