Didn’t wipe off excess stain! Removing excess stain from hardwood floor

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Q: I recently stained my floors in sections. Red oak floors with ****** Red oak stain. I applied with a sponge and blended with a china brush. I did NOT wipe it off. I can see the lap marks where the stain overlapped. I have not applied the poly yet. Is there a fix for this? How can I go about removing excess stain from hardwood floor?

A: I would try rubbing down the overlap with a cloth or very mild abrasive pad dampened with mineral spirits. Not wiping off the excess stain is a boo boo. Also, applying stain with a sponge can be very risky, since a sponge will cause too much stain to be applied to the floor. I am surprised that you don’t have major bleed back happening.

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