Wood floors creaking noise

Q: Is there any way to stop the creaking of our hardwood floor? It is beautiful but the noise is too much!

A: Not really. Fix the sub floor and you will have a sound floor. If you have access to the sub floor from the basement, you may be able to screw short pieces of wood across a number of boards to stabilize them.

Similar Q: We purchased a brand new home in April 2010. Since then, every time we walk on the hardwood flooring on the outer walls it makes cracking and creaking noises. What causes wood floors creaking noise? It is very loud and what I would imagine a 100 year old home with hardwood flooring would sound like. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank You for your expertise.

A: I don’t know what this floor is installed on top of nor whether an appropriate amount of nails, cleats or staples was used. Clearly the floor is moving. It could also be expansion and contraction noises occurring. Do you notice any large gaps appearing or conversly do you see any cupping of the boards that would indicate expansion from moisture?

Related Q: I just had a floating floor installed, and when I walk on it, it sounds like popcorn popping. All suggestions, even the most dire ones, on how to eliminate the noise are most welcomed. Thank you for your help.

A: The structure floating floors sits on needs to be very near to perfectly flat, with any voids being filled with building paper or the like. I suspect this flex and popping sound are caused by this situation.

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