About Wood Flooring Guy

Having a family owned business specializing in hardwood floor refinishing (since 1994), and going online soon thereafter, we have received hundreds of questions

from (mostly) frustrated home owners.

Sometime around 1999-2000 we started to receive a flood of questions via our local business website Face Lift Floors, and we began to post Q&A there. Soon our Q&A page was growing exceptionally large. The Wood Flooring Guy web site was created in response.

Our main contributor is Craig Mouldey of Face Lift Floors, an Ontario, Canada based floorsander with decades of experience.

Craig Mouldey

2 thoughts on “About Wood Flooring Guy”

  1. We installed an eregniened wood floor in Nashville TN. Normally we could not have accepted the job as we were overloaded with work but due to the time saving by using Elastilon we were able to accept the job.Installation of a 1,200 sq ft floor took us only 16 man hours (one full day with 2 guys).Thanks for bringing such a great product to the market.

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